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Night 1

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Service Time 
Doors Open: 7:20pm
Online: 7:30pm

Night 2

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Service Time 
Doors Open: 7:20pm
Online: 7:30pm

Day 3

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Service Time 
Online: 9am
Worship Pannel: 
Doors open: 10:50am
Online: 11am

Day 4

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Service Time 
Doors Open: 9:45am
Online: 10am
Worship Pannel 

We are collecting your questions about worship for our panelist. Our key speaker Rev. Jennifer Porter-Cox, Minister Ryan Harris, and Rev. Faylyn Kanneh will be answering any and all questions on worship with our moderator Sis. Olive Cox. You can submit your questions now and we will be taking some questions live. Tune in Saturday 10/31/2020 at 11am EST 

Thanks for submitting!

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